Monroe County Residents – Free Condoms

Condom Locations

Individuals can pick up FREE male and female condoms at any of the locations listed on this PDF download link:  Download a List of Current Condom Distribution Partner Sites in Monroe County.

You can also order online by using the form at the end of this page. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and also a Monroe County Resident. 

Individual Personal Protection Package

An Individual Personal Protection Package allows the community to place an online order to receive free condoms. The Individual "PPP” consists of male and/or female condoms, lubricants, and educational material that promote condom use, protection from sexually transmitted diseases, and positive sexual health. Your “PPP” will be sent within one week of placing the order.

Individuals Click Here To Request your FREE Personal Protection Package

How to Request Female Condoms

  • FC2 can be requested using the order form below. 

  • Also, FC2 is an over-the-counter female contraceptive that can be prescribed to patients with no out-of-pocket expense, per the Affordable Care Act.

For Additional Information on Female Condoms, Please Visit:  

Monroe County Residents – Free Condoms Online Order Form